First Time for Everything…


It’s been a little over six months now with Ollie, and I’ll be honest, time has passed at just the right speed.  At least that’s my take; however, if you ask my wife you’d get a much different story.  With that said, I’ll admit, I feel like I’m about to experience a season that will be much more difficult to not let surge past me in a whirlwind.

The last couple of months have been full of “firsts.”  Ollie has taken his first bites of real food, sat up in the tub, sat in one of those flimsy restaurant high chairs, and begun to crawl, to name a few.  Well, I guess he’s begun to “inchworm,” since he more or less angles his torso up and down while dragging his legs across our dog-hair-covered rug, but he’s almost there!  The real question is how mobile does he have to be for me to sign him up for youth basketball?!  But, seriously?

Speaking of “firsts” and “time passing quickly,” I had a personal first this week that was both hilarious (not at the time) and, well…. gross.  I’d say it was my first truly embarrassing dad moment.  Kaitlyn and I shoot wedding and portrait photography together, and we had an engagement shoot one evening this week.  We know it’s not for everybody, but we love working together and being able to spend as much time with our little guy as we can.  We are also passionate about getting to know the couples we work with, which is why we still both try and go to every shoot and occasionally bring Ollie along.  So, as the shoot was winding down, our couple had one last spot in mind that was just out of walking distance if we were going to beat the sunset, so Kaitlyn went ahead with them in their car while I got Ollie back in his car seat, packed the stroller, and met them at the other end of the park.

When I got there, Kaitlyn was off with our couple racing against the sunset, so I parked next to their car and debated either waiting it out in the car or venturing outside; I decided on the latter.  Specifically, I decided to venture over to a couple picnic tables just off the walking path with nothing but Ollie in hand.  I thought, “I mean, I’ve already managed pushing him in a stroller while feeding him, holding three bags and a guitar, and taking behind the scenes pictures.  I don’t need to bother bringing a toy, burp cloth, or stroller.  I’ll just sit and let all of the nice walking-by families stare and comment about how cute my baby is.”


You can guess things probably didn’t turn out as expected.  I made it to the picnic tables successfully, sat down, and enjoyed the 70 degree-orange-sky-sunset-evening for… about one minute.  Then, as two lovely people came jogging by, promptly catching sight of and commenting on the adorableness that is my son (just as I’d expected), in what seemed to be, literally, within a blink of an eye, Ollie thrust himself forward and threw up down what felt like the entire left side of my body.  Yep, all within the two seconds that these two jogging admirers were making direct eye contact with me as they called out, “he’s so cute!”, Ollie decides to detonate!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been spit up on too many times to count.  But this time, I’d  call it full on “throw up.”  And, if that wasn’t enough, now there I was covered in throw up, with nothing but two wide-eyed strangers literally running away and NOTHING to clean up with.  No burp cloth in sight.  No way to evade the awkwardness of having to power walk bow-legged back to the car holding Ollie out and away from my soaking wet chest.  Cue… embarrassment.

I made it back to the car and promptly retold the story to Kaitlyn when she finished up and while I mopped up my clothes, and then I realized: this wasn’t so bad.  Truthfully,  I really should be thankful that this is my first and worst display of public embarrassment since raising an infant.  Also, I’m sure there will be about a thousand more worse (or better) stories to share in the future.  But for now, I won’t be venturing out too far without a couple more things on hand.


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