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Thanks for visiting.  If you’re looking for a precise, clear description of what this blog is about, I’m truly sorry.  I wish I could offer you that.  Seriously, I’ve tried 1 (or 10) too many times to revamp and focus in on a niche only to find that I end up not quite being myself in my writing.  Aka… not good!

However, that’s not to say that you should have no idea of what to expect to read here. So, here are some things that describe me and that may or may not work themselves into my writing on a given day:

  • Thoughts on faith and culture
  • Extremely novice thoughts on parenting (I’ve got a whole 1 year of experience).
  • Hopefully, a self-controlled amount of opinions about basketball #obsessed
  • Dialogue about racial and ethnic reconciliation
  • An occasional funny story about marriage and/or fatherhood
  • Scattered thoughts about the latest movie, show, article, Broadway musical, or album I’ve been blowing through obsessively